Caring about our environment

Here at Geo dream Heat we fully understand the importance of sustainability. We constantly strive to provide our customers with the most environmentally-friendly products, because we believe we all share one earth.

And how do we do it?

By focusing our attention on the intricate production process of our products, we are able to adjust to the most current eco-friendly manufacturing practices and better help serve the planet. With strong focus on sustainable materials we believe together we can achieve a greener tomorrow.

What is Geo Dream made of?

PET Film


Being one of the main components of our heating film, it was vital that this product be the main focus of our GoGreen mission. By using PET film that can be recycled, we are actually helping clean the earth by not allowing this wasted material to end up in garbage dumps. The main advantages of PET are:

  • Safe and non-toxic material.

  • Does not contain heavy metals like lead or mercury.

  • Does not use plasticizers.

  • Extremely lightweight for less environmental impact during transportation.

  • Systems are in place to efficiently recycle and reuse this material.

As concerns over the impact on our environment have increase, home builders and real estate owners have begun to realize the potential that copper holds in this area. The key advantages of using copper as opposed to other substitutes found in similar products are:

  • By being able to maintain its integrity through continuous recycling cycles the same material can be used over and over again. In fact its ability to be recycled is far greater comparable materials such as aluminium and stainless steel.

  • Substantially more expensive then alternative materials, coppers ability to last for hundreds of years make it a prime example of our mission.

  • The production process is much cleaner, much more sustainable, and as much as 95% of the copper is produced from recycled materials.

  • It’s high energy efficiency make it the most suitable material for the job, required of up to 4 times less material to the get the job done.

Helping Customers Achieve Energy Efficiency

Our home heating solution offers a much more energy efficient method of heating your home as opposed to traditional methods currently in use. By reducing the energy input needed, we are able to bring not only monetary savings to our customer, but also long lasting changes in the way their homes affect our planet. However, this is only the beginning of the advantages our system has as opposed to the most typical way homes in North America are being heated today. Our system is fully zonable, meaning that specific parts of the home can be left at idle temperatures while other heated for maximal comfort. Or customers can also enjoy the benefit of being able to completely turn the system off when not in use. This is because it has the ability quickly heat the home to comfortable temperature within about 30-60 minutes. To be able to throttle the use of the furnace like this would be highly impractical and also very energy demanding since it has to physically burn natural gas for heat and then circulate this hot air throughout the home. Our system heats the room directly with minimal energy loss.

Built To Last

Thinking About The Future

Our strict manufacturing process ensures that there are no defects in materials and that the heating film is of the highest quality standards. This in turn provides the product with an extremely long lasting life. This is not done just to ensure that customer are happy with our products, but to also ensure that the impact on landfills is minimal. No more replacement furnace every 5 years, our system is backed by a 20-year limited warranty, meaning we stand behind our production process.

By focusing on the technologies of tomorrow we are getting ready to serve the customers of the future. As homes begin to realize the potential of generating solar energy on location and with the efficiency of this technology on the rise, we believe our system will be an ideal solution to serve people for their home heating needs. Our system will make the most effective use of this generated electricity and ensure their home heating needs are satisfied.


Our Ongoing Efforts

Every day we are constantly looking for new ways to contribute a greener and cleaner tomorrow. Either by further perfecting our manufacturing process or taking part in organizations concerned with environment protection. Our recent efforts have focused on becoming part of Canada’s Built Green movement.

Built Green Canada unites individuals and businesses that will shape the countries landscape. We believe it is vital to be part of and support such movements. Together in unison, companies like ours will be able to eventually transform Canada into a truly self-sustaining nation.

The program provides third party certification for environmentally responsible homes. Homes certified under the program promote the use of products and practices that represent resource-efficient and environmentally friendly construction. By combining are efforts with other’s we hope to attain results that otherwise would be unthinkable.

The following bullet points briefly outline Built Green’s key areas of focus:

  • Resource Efficiency
  • More Comfortable Homes
  • Healthy Home – Healthy Environment
  • Durability
  • Enhanced and Retained Value

For more information please visit the Built Green Website