Dream Heat

Easy to install right out of the box!

  1. Clean and sweep the underlay
  2. Open the Dream Heat box and lay out the product on the underlay.
  3. Tape down the Dream Heat and connect the wires to the thermostat.



Far infrared heat is generated from carbon fiber strips that are attached to silver contact bus bars connected to copper electrical strips. The silver provides superior electrical current transmission while preventing arcing at contact points.

The components are then completely sealed between two plastic sheets of PET film - similar to soda bottle material, the film is thin, transparent, and very durable. All the components used making film are UL listed.




Production Standard



Base Film

PET Insulation and Moisture Barrier. Component is UL listed.

Laminating Film

Heating Carbon Doping Carbon Maintaining resistance, even print surface. Component is UL listed
Conductive Bus Bar Copper Maintaining conductivity and adhesion. Component is UL listed.
Doping Silver